Arno Mathies
Product Designer

—2015 Selected Works

Folding Sled, Gruff-set, Folding Boat, Ironwood, Render Furniture

Folding Sled by Max Frommeld & Arno Mathies
Plastic, steel,
& bent ash, Produced by 3R

Cardboard, print
Shelf, table, bench

Folding boat by maarno
Plastic, cordura,
aluminium & ash

Ironwood Kitchen
Walnut, larch & corian
Private commission

Render Furniture
Hydroprinting, steel,
& veneered MDF

—2015 News

The Story of Folding sled

In mid 2015, we launched the book of the “Story of Folding sled”. This book documents the design process of Folding Sled, conducted from 2011-2015.

Villa Noailles – Design Parade 10

Max Frommeld & Arno Mathies were selected as one of the 10 finalists for for the design competition during Design Parade 10 at Villa Noailles. The competition will be followed by a 3 month long exhibition in the beautiful setting of Villa Noailles in Hyères.

More information can be found here

—2014 News

Swiss Design Awards 2014

Maarno is presenting their second product using the principle of live hinges, Folding Sledge. It will be exhibited during Art Basel 2014 from the 16th of June to the 21st. More details can be found here: swissdesignawards

Design Days Geneva

Commission to design the scenography of the HEAD, Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design GVA,  during the Geneva Design Days 2013. Scenography was issued from a previous design used for other several HEAD exhibitions. Photo credits HEAD Dylan Perrenoud.


Biennale du Design

Maarno presented the Folding boat parcel version at the Biennale du Design de St-Etienne, France. The boat took part of the Design with Heart exhibition curated by Sebastien Bergne. More information can be found here Design with Heart.



Arno Mathies’ work is informed by the potential output of production processes and material properties. He intends to question the function of an object by exploring the limits of form, use and perception. Arno left for London to start his Masters in Product design at the Royal college of art and graduated in 2011. Today, he works as a freelance designer in Geneva, CH.


3 Châtel-dessous, 1271 Givrins CH

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